"Environmental survival of Escherichia coli O157 may play an important role in the persistence and dissemination of this organism on farms. The survival of culturable and infectious E. coli O157 was studied using microcosms simulating cattle water troughs. Culturable E. coli O157 survived for at least 245 days in the microcosm sediments. Furthermore, E. coli O157 strains surviving more than 6 months in contaminated microcosms were infectious to a group of 10-week-old calves. Fecal excretion of E. coliO157 by these calves persisted for 87 days after challenge. Water trough sediments contaminated with feces from cattle excreting E. coli O157 may serve as a long-term reservoir of this organism on farms and a source of infection for cattle..."

Standing water reflects back 30% of UV rays

In a water trough, the mosquito pump allows more of the lost 30% of UV light to enter the water, because it is moving.

The UV rays penetrate moving water deeper, and this exposure becomes very difficult for bacteria and microscopic creatures to not become inhibited by its intensity. The Smart-Trough Mosquito Pump will help to keep your water free of bacteria thanks to understanding how light works, and its performance. 

The Sun Cleans the water with UV rays