"Thankyou Mosquito Fish & Goldfish for Helping to make water troughs manageable, and for all you do in the wild. You can retire from the trough business now, you deserve a break. 

Smart-Trough will take it from here"

*Mosquito Fish are cleaner than Goldfish, HOWEVER

goldfish were designed to live in puddles, lets not let your trough be a puddle.

make it a mini-river


After supplying it as water to your animal, the decision is to dump it, and continually replace the mosquito fish once a month, or install our system and clean the filters of the Smart-Trough Mosquito Pump as needed (typically once a month) and never use another fish again.

Fish expel Ammonia into the water amongst other Waste...

You will never see a Fish keep water clean, and of cooler temperature; However thanks to our system, you can use them still because we will keep the water cool enough for them to survive. Although, they will eventually be very hungry because of how much more efficient the mosquito pump is, than the mosquito fish. Mosquito fish belong in ponds and abandoned pools. Not your water trough.

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When the Water in your Trough Overheats from the Sun, the Mosquito Fish or Goldfish or any fish you could possibly be using, will overheat &

Belly Up

Stop Dumping & Start Pumping

The Smart-Trough MosquitoPump


& Prevents Mosquito Breeding