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 ZAORIL LLC Smart-Trough Mosquito Pump


Afraid to look at your water trough? 

Testing the “Smart-Trough Pump” in the livestock industry resulted in applicants that use livestock for food production, stating they didn’t want to clean the smart-trough filters. 

However, test applicants who owned livestock not in the food production industry were very excited to clean the smart-trough pump filters, because when ever the vet comes to visit, the vet tells them their Horse and livestock need more water. 

In a study by Washington university, E. Choli was found to grow in the micro sediment at the bottom of water troughs within a few days of being filled. They linked the stagnant water and decomposing material from hay and grain, in cattle water troughs to the dissemination of this bacteria on farms. You can find the article on my Facebook page. 

Frankly, if you dump the water every week to solve the problem, here in California, then you are wasting water and making it very difficult to justify efficiency when we are in a perpetual drought that is not going to go away. I have sold irrigation 6 days a week for the last ten years, and have dealt with suggested changes from the state water board for certain products, and their water use, because of the drought. I understand water. 

If you are ignoring the water and not dumping or cleaning it, then the problems associated with stagnant water will continue to be an issue for you. 

It is highly unfavorable to ignore the problems associated with stagnant water. Frankly, it’s ignored out of a disregard for its importance, and a lack of understanding about the impact it has on production and overall Heath of the animal. 

Namely E. Choli, Mosquitos, Colic, and Dehydration are the result of ignoring the quality of the water trough. At Monterey County SPCA, the Smart-Trough Mosquito Pump was able to help a rescued horse that was abandoned on a highway, that suffered from dehydration and colic. His name was Olaf. We got Olaf off of all his electrolytes, and prevented colic. Needless to say, The barn manager was shocked, and is still in shock to this day. I don’t blame her, it’s very impressive how a simple change can make all the difference. 

You use Mosquito fish? First of all, the fish expel ammonia and waste into the water, that your animal then drinks. When the water overheats the Mosquito fish also belly up and no longer do mosquito control. And at that point, your animal is drinking water with decomposing fish in it. No veterinarian would suggest you let them drink water in this condition. 

It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that a river or stream has fish, and that livestock drink from it. The livestock drink from it, but it’s also moving and pushing sediments down beneath the surface of the water and allowing the UVB rays from the sun to clean the water due to the loss of refraction of light from the movement, and retaining the oxygenation of the water by repelling carbon dioxide off of the surface. Carbon dioxide is a gas, that is in the air, and when water is still it gathers in the surface and causes evaporation by removing the oxygen from the hydrogen molecule. H2O. 

The Smart-Trough Pump mimics a river flow, circulating the water, allowing water trough owners a weekly cleaning regiment to remove the micro sediment, preventing overheated water, and increasing water intake for their favorite herd, preventing colic and dehydration. 

Put the Smart-Trough Pump to the test, and see what’s really going on beneath the water trough might be difficult to look at what your trough is harboring. Go online and buy the Smart-Trough Pump, and get moving.