​I am dedicated to the water industry specifically residential, rural, and commercial irrigation, drainage, and collection. Since adolescence at the age of nine, my summer vacation, after-school, weekends, and some holidays were spent solving connection, terrain adversity, budget, and water allocation problems. With an additional 9 years of full time work under my belt, I have 18 years experience with customer service, connections, and the element water.

With one unique-patented product, we have one phrase to summarize our company:

Provide an Eco-friendly water pump that increases the productivity and quality of livestock goods and services, by improving water quality in their trough, and attracting these animals to stay hydrated and produce. 

We empower our customers to be victors of:

Water Conservation & Utilization
The Global Mosquito Pandemic- Zika, WNV, etc.
Zero-emission Safe Renewable Energy
Food, Farm, and Ranch Productivity
Public Health

In accordance with the Animal Welfare Act of 1966, pg. 137 under Subpart F- animal health and husbandry standards, section 3.130-Watering “All water receptacles shall be kept clean and sanitary.”

Biomimicry + Micro

Solar Technology

Bio-mimicry is imitating natures strategies. With a SMART-TROUGH Mosquito Pump, each water trough becomes a mini recirculating river. A Micro-Solar Self contained living water system that cleans itself, regulates temperature, and keeps the water oxygenated and clear of algae bloom and aquatic bugs like mosquitos. The system is a supplement for your existing open-faced water trough. If you don't have an old or new open faced water trough, you should consider getting rid of the small bucket or the small trough that you use, and get and open faced trough; so that your horse or cattle or livestock can have more water to perform your every command to the fullest extent. Recharged and Refreshed.    

We prevent water from becoming a breeding ground, but should a female mosquito place offspring in your water supply, we submerge their eggs, larva, and pupa mechanically with timed operation and taking advantage of their instincts to lay eggs in water. They are caught in the smart-trough bio-filters, and are terminated.

Our greatest value lies in our ability to offer results in a simple high-qaulity complete kit, across multiple industries with several applications. Our product is available for distribution by calling 831-394-4106. Easy Seamless Online ordering from greenvisionsales.com


​​Water that is unable to be used for animal watering, is overheated, infested with dark organic material, and resembles an old protein-green shake. This water is often dumped, but more regularly ignored...That is until now!

Crop Protection

 Our goal is to eliminate environmental impact while protecting livestock and the community from mosquitos. This is the healthy alternative to pesticide/chemical use.


Maximize Yields

The more your herd hydrates with water, the more natural production and repair of their organic mechanical system occurs. Double the water intake in your herd!



Water Efficiency

By helping destroy all the taboo-problems associated with water troughs and stagnant water, livestock are able to receive RIVER-fresh sources of water every single day.


​Increase Yields. Decrease Mosquitos. Conserve Water

Company Mission

Nathaniel J. Martin


Nathaniel J. Martin

President & Product Developer